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Miracles happen with instaFOODs.
Delivering a highly nutritious product that provides 100% of the daily requirements of protein and amino acids in a single serving. Nutrition you'll love to eat!


Family Approved
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When you are looking for something that is not only nutritious, but taste great too! We have products that are good for the whole family with no sugars or fillers added and can provide 100% of all the protein and essential amino acids needed for the whole day. Our products are also Gluten Free.


Nutrition that Works
Fuel the chemistry of the body!


InstaFOODS offers a complete balance of protein and amino acids delivering 36 grams of digestable protein and only 420 calories in a 4 ounce serving for adults. Increased performance and energy as you feed the body the fuel it needs.


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At our online store, you can purchase product packaged to make your life easier and to give you a variety of product that is nutritious and taste great. After you purchase product, take a look at our recipes page and enjoy!



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